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We teach Triple A's How to Drive program

We Have Instructor Lead Discussion and Study Guides. If the Students answer questions and think about the videos they've just seen, the retention is much higher. We use chalk boards, props (steering wheels, blind spot mirrors etc;) The classroom portion of the course is very comprehensive.

You only need to put $100 down to start, interest free

Come in any day Monday through Saturday and sign up and start class the same day.

There are a total of six classes, A B C D E and F class

Classes A B C D E can be taken in any order.

Once one of each of these classes has been taken, you will take F class last, which contains the final written test.

The test is 50 questions, multiple choice T/F

Once this test is passed, and you have a zero balance, as well as valid temps, you will be immediately put on the schedule for 4 driving lessons with an instructor, 2 hours each. The lesson times are flexible and we will work with you on driving times.

Free pop and bottled water during class.


Driving lessons are private, and you can be picked up and dropped off at home, school, or work

We only enroll minor students in our course, 15 1/2 years old to under 18 years old.

Feel free to call 274-5525 with any additional questions you may have, or stop by to have a look around, you'll like what you see

Please click on 10 TV for a video about teens driving back to school with tips from the Westland Driving School