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 Adult Remedial will be every other Saturday. 8:00am
May 30th
June 13th
June 27th
The Course Will Provide You With A 2 Point Credit. 12 Point Limit
Becomes a 14 Point Limit. And After An Additional Process
Your license Is No Longer Suspended The "Clock" Starts Running
Again And Points Will Fall Off Over Time. No Course
Will REMOVE Points.



You don't need to register with us, just walk in.

The cost is $70 cash, you need a photo ID, and need to

pass a written test. (After class) You will receive the certificate same day.

We don't have a big sign like Micky Dees, so look at the numbers

on the buildings.  You NEED to know what TYPE of certificate you need,

 Are you getting your suspended licence reinstated voluntarily, or are you taking the course because a JUDGE told you to? If you state the wrong reason for taking the course on the form, you won't have to re take the course, but it will cost $30 to remake a proper certificate. We don't just "hit a button" to make another. There is a process the driving school has to go through. We can't fax the proper certificate to Alum Creek if you show up there with the wrong one.
You must come back here IN PERSON with the original. No exceptions.